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Spectacular Experiments on The Great Atomic Bombreflector

Opening Date: Jun 20, 2024

Closing Date: Jun 22, 2024

Spectacular Experiments on The Great Atomic Bombreflector Show Site Icon

Playing @

La MaMa - Community Arts Space

‍74 East 4th Street New York, NY 10003

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The First New York Spectacular Experiments is the Planetary Ignition of an unprecedented global project to develop the Great Atomic Bombreflector. This colossal Device will transform the destructive energies of Atomic Inhumanity into the Genius forces of global upliftment. Theater is a key engine of this Device, so the Ignition will take place at the legendary La MaMa Experimental Theater Club with its power of 60 years of bold experiments by outstanding global artists.

These immersive performative Experiments will feature 3,000 square feet of aluminium foil, unique Kazakh instruments, collective practices of agitating everyone's Inner Genius and Kazakh songs and inter-world texts performed by Guide-Performer Alexandra Morozova. The spectators will take part in playful sci-fi experiments that deal with the Power of Genions and Universal Composition and are based on the New Genius Theory—a revolutionary approach to life and art invented by artist, writer and the Genius of the Absolute Interplanetary Category Sergey Kalmykov (1891-1967). The results of the Experiments will be used to create the Great Atomic Bombreflector!‍

Spectacular Experiments on The Great Atomic Bombreflector is an immersive performative event by ORTA Collective, a transdisciplinary artistic group from Kazakhstan. It is developed within Experiments in Digital Storytelling.

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