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We tell the stories behind your favorite shows!
TDF Stages is TDF's theatre magazine, taking you inside the best theatre and dance productions in New York. In our exclusive interviews, podcasts, and short films, the city's most accomplished artists explain how and why they make their work, giving us a remarkable look behind the curtain.

Meanwhile, columns like Geek Out/Freak Out and Fanmail let theatre fans just like you discuss the most exciting work in town.

Most importantly, TDF Stages wants to bring you closer to the work you see. Talking about performances is half the fun, so we want to start a conversation.

Browse TDF Stages to find…
  • Interviews with artists
  • Meet the Theatre, a documentary film series on the stories behind local theatre companies
  • Masters of the Stage, Co-presented by SDCF and Theatre Development Fund, Masters of the Stage features more than three decades of one-on-one conversations, panel discussions, and interviews with theatre's most distinguished luminaries.
  • The Theatre Dictionary, a collection of short, funny videos that define theatre terms

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