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TDF will re-open its iconic TKTS Discount Ticket Booth in Times Square, "under the red steps," on Tuesday, September 14 at 3pm.

Date: Sep 01, 2021


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TDF, the not-for-profit service organization dedicated to bringing the power of the performing arts to everyone, will re-open its TKTS Discount Ticket Booth in Times Square (“under the red steps”) at Broadway and 47th Street, on Tuesday, September 14 at 3pm. 

An internationally known symbol of Broadway, TKTS sells same-day discount tickets to matinee and evening performances as well as next-day tickets to matinee performances (up to 50% off) to Broadway and Off Broadway productions. The Booth has been closed since Broadway shut down on March 12, 2020 due to the pandemic.

“We’re excited to once again serve New Yorkers and visitors on a budget who have missed the experience of live performance,” said Victoria Bailey, TDF’s Executive Director. “Our re-opening will mirror Broadway’s: - a few shows at first with more to follow as the fall progresses. We will reopen with new safety protocols for customers and staff alike.”

Starting September 14, TKTS Times Square will be selling tickets to same-day matinee and evening performances and next-day matinee* performances:

Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 3pm – 8pm; 
Wednesday from 12pm – 8pm; 
Saturday from 11am - 8pm;
Sunday from 11am – 7pm. 

*(next-day matinee is, for example, Wednesday matinees available on Tuesday, Saturday matinees available on Friday, etc.)

TKTS will be closed on Mondays until October.

For a real-time listing of shows and prices available at TKTS, download the free TKTS app or visit TDF’s website.

TKTS Times Square opened for business on June 25, 1973, and quickly became a mecca for theatregoers from all over the world. Making shows affordable with same-day discount tickets and fostering a community of theatre lovers on Duffy Square (47th Street and Broadway), TKTS is one of New York City’s most photographed landmarks. Housed under distinctive red glass steps, the current TKTS Booth opened in 2008 and has garnered more than a dozen international design awards. The glowing red staircase above TKTS was the first public space to open in Times Square, and it quickly became a popular destination for locals and visitors 365 days a year. TKTS’ small service fee (currently $6 per ticket) is used to operate the Booth and to help fund TDF’s many service programs. 

 ABOUT TDF: Founded in 1968, TDF is a not-for-profit service organization for the performing arts, dedicated to bringing the power of the performing arts to everyone. TDF’s mission is to sustain live theatre and dance by engaging a broad and diverse audience and eliminating barriers to attendance. TDF fulfills its mission with a variety of programs that expand access, cultivate communities and support the makers of the performing arts. 

TDF is known for its theatregoing programs including the TKTS Discount Ticket Booth and TDF Membership program; Accessibility programs (including open captioned, audio described and Autism Friendly Performances), Education & Community Engagement programs (serving more than 12,000 New York City students annually and thousands of underserved individuals and veterans), as well as the TDF Costume Collection Rental and research programs. During the COVID-19 pandemic, TDF continued to fulfill its mission and serve its constituents by crafting inventive virtual adaptations of its programs via Zoom and other streaming platforms.

TDF envisions a world where the transformative experience of attending live theatre and dance is essential, relevant, accessible and inspirational. To learn more about TDF, go to   

Downloadable photos in hi and low res:

TKTS Times Square - aerial view photo:

TKTS Times Square - aerial view photo

TKTS Times Square - side view photo:

TKTS Times Square