TKTS Discount Booths

Same-Day Theatre Tickets at Up To 50% Off.

TKTS Discount Booths are the perfect way for everyone to experience the arts in New York City at affordable prices. Choose from a wide array of Broadway and Off Broadway musicals, plays, and dance productions on sale every day at 20% to 50% off regular prices.

TDF operates three TKTS Discount Booths in New York City, including our flagship location in the heart of Times Square. When you purchase your tickets from TKTS, you are supporting a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to sustaining and sharing the arts and developing the audiences of the future.

Ticket availability and inventory can change quickly throughout the day. We suggest going to a TKTS Discount Booth early in the day. To help plan ahead, you can browse real-time listings on our website or on your mobile device with the official TKTS app.


  • Same-Day Discount Tickets
  • Same-Day Full-Price Tickets to Non-Discounted Shows
  • Full-Price Tickets to Future Performances
  • "Play Express" Window


  • Same-Day Discount Tickets to Evening Performances
  • Next-Day Discount Tickets to Matinee Performances


  • Same-Day Discount Tickets to Evening Performances
  • Next-Day Discount Tickets to Matinee Performances
  • Full Price Tickets to Brooklyn Performing Arts Events

Our Times Square location features the "Play Express" window. This special window ONLY sells play tickets — no musicals, dance, or music performances. As a result, the "Play Express" line often moves more quickly. For more helpful tips on using TKTS, download TKTS Tips, available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Japanese.

All TKTS locations accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards, as well as cash, and TKTS Gift Certificates. A small number of Off Broadway shows may require cash only. All tickets are subject to a $4.50 per ticket service charge which helps support other TDF services and programs. Additional non-TDF service charges may apply to some tickets.

TKTS 7-Day Fast Pass allows TKTS patrons to return to the Times Square ticket booth within 7 days of their TKTS purchase and walk up to window #1 with their TKTS ticket stub, thereby avoiding the longer lines at peak hours!

Be wary of tickets sold on the street. Tickets not purchased at the TKTS Discount Booths may be fraudulent or illegally obtained. Illegal tickets will not be honored at the theatre. 

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