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Even the most successful shows occasionally have seats to fill. TDF enables productions to gain revenue from these seats - as well as reach an enthusiastic audience of theatre fans - by offering tickets at a discount to the 100,000-strong TDF membership. Shows with an extended preview period may especially benefit from selling to TDF members, making papering the house unnecessary. Sales to TDF members can also help long-running commercial productions.

Who Can Participate

  • Fully-produced, scripted theatre productions operating under an Actors' Equity Association contract (Production, Off Broadway, LORT, LOA or Mini) with an original, full-price ticket of $21 or more.
  • Dance and music events with an original, full-price ticket of $21 or more.
  • AEA Showcase productions and shows  may be eligible to participate in TDF's acclaimed Off-Off and Beyond program.

How It Works

There is no cost to producers to participate in this program. TDF is pleased to assume all costs to market, promote and fulfill ticket orders.

The production is paid a fixed per-ticket rate for all tickets sold through the program. This price varies according to the nature of the production's contract with the Actors’ Equity Association and the full price of the tickets being offered.

Tickets to your production are sold on TDF’s members-only, password-protected website. On the morning of each performance or event, a manifest of all ticket buyers is sent to your box office (or Saturday morning for weekend performances).TDF pays each box office weekly, and checks are mailed on the Tuesday following a week of performances.

Additional important guidelines:

  • TDF requests at least 10 tickets per performance and asks that offers be submitted at least one week prior to the first performance listed.
  • For all productions, all minimums and/or covers must be waived for TDF ticket holders.
  • TDF reserves the right to stop selling your tickets when considerably lower-priced or free tickets are widely available through other ticketing services.
  • All sales are guaranteed. You must reserve the ticket allocation supplied to TDF and honor all requests for tickets already sold by TDF. If the tickets have not been sold, you may request that we reduce the original allocation given.
  • TDF does not sell the following: staged readings, lectures, discussions, etc.

How to Participate

To sell your tickets through TDF’s membership program, any producer, general manager or company manager may contact TDF by email. To help us get a head start on selling your tickets, please attach your press materials, reviews (if available), promotional artwork and production photos.

Please note: If your production is at Theatre Row or LaMama, you must contact the venue and have the venue submit and manage your listing. Please check with other venues to determine their specific rules.