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Pack your house. Adventurous theatregoers are waiting.

Pack your house. Adventurous theatregoers are waiting.


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Connecting adventurous theatre-makers and their equally adventurous patrons, our Off-Off program builds new audiences for theatre, music and dance. Offer your best discount to TDF's 100,000 members and Off-Off Broadway enthusiasts. Members buy tickets ranging from $11 to 15, and we pay $10 to 14 directly to you, the producer.

Who Can Participate

TDF's Off-Off Broadway program is open to any fully produced Off-Off Broadway production, including theatre, dance, music and festival events, both non-union and AEA showcase code. As a producer, you can submit your productions online; add dates, times and allocations; and view sales 24/7.

This program is not intended for staged readings, comedy clubs or shows that meet the guidelines for Off-Broadway or Broadway productions.

How to Sell Off-Off Broadway Through TDF

1. Register as a producer at

2. Once you have been approved as a producer, you will be able to log in at and build shows.

3. Build your show! You must provide a description, artwork, website, venue information and at least one performance date and time with ticket allocation.

4. Once your show is approved, you can add additional performances or make changes at any time.

Some presenting theatres and most festivals already have an account to create and manage listings. Confirm with your box office before posting your offer.

All venues with food and drink minimums or covers must waive those fees for our patrons.

Click here to register and access TDF's Producer Portal

Our Mission

TDF builds audiences. In recognition of this effort, TDF received the 2012 Ellen Stewart Award from the NY Innovative Theatre Awards for demonstrating a significant contribution to the Off-Off Broadway community through service, support and leadership.

Contact Info

If you are a producer, general manager or company manager and need more information about offering your production to TDF members, please email Andrew Block, Manager of Off and Off-Off Broadway Services at