OffOff@$9 Overview

Enjoy Adventurous Theatre Off-Off Broadway for Less
If you want a uniquely different live theatre experience, you need to go beyond Broadway and Off Broadway theatres and Midtown concert halls. You need to explore the vast and intriguing alternatives that are only available Off-Off Broadway.

Known for groundbreaking work, Off-Off Broadway is where many of New York's most innovative playwrights, composers, choreographers, and performers try their boldest experiments. From small stages to nontraditional performance spaces all over the city, you never know quite what to expect from an Off-Off Broadway production—and that’s half the fun. The Off-Off Broadway scene is always vibrant and buzzing with activity.

TDF’s Passport for the Adventurous Theatregoer

Developed to build a stronger connection between adventurous theatremakers and their equally adventurous patrons, TDF’s OffOff@$9 Program was awarded the 2012 Ellen Stewart Award by the Innovative Theatre Awards for demonstrating a significant contribution to the off-Off Broadway community through service, support, and leadership.

TDF may be best known for its TKTS Booths, which offer discount tickets to Broadway and Off Broadway shows, but the OffOff@$9 Program helps you be part of the Off-Off Broadway world of theatre, dance, performance art and music for less than the price of seeing a movie!

How Do I Get Started?

Both TDF members and non-members may purchase tickets to a large selection of Off-Off Broadway productions online using our Off-Off@$9 service.
  • If you are a TDF Member, just log in your usual way. Purchase Off-Off Broadway tickets at $9 each and get guaranteed admission to the performance without waiting.

  • If you are NOT A TDF MEMBER, you may register for free to enjoy TDF's OffOff@$9 Program. After you've submitted your e-mail address, you will be sent an email verification, at which time you can create a password. For future visits to purchase tickets, just go to the TDF home page ( and, at the top right, sign in using your email address and password where it says "TDF LOGIN". 

If you wish to become a TDF Member and enjoy a full year of TDF Membership for only $30, the first step is to see if you qualify. All members must provide proof of eligibility within 10 days of joining TDF, so take a minute to review those requirements and make sure you have the necessary documentation readily available.

When you’re ready to join, simply click the Join TDF Today button on the right side of this page to fill out a quick online application, and you’re on your way.