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Times Square Booth

The TKTS Booth is currently closed. The following shows appeared on the boards previously.
UPDATED: Thursday, February 20, 8:05 PM

Broadway Shows:
7:00 PM "Ain't Too Proud ....The Temptations"
8:00 PM P A Soldier's Play
7:00 PM Beetlejuice
7:00 PM Beetlejuice
8:00 PM Chicago
8:00 PM Chicago
7:00 PM Come From Away
7:00 PM Frozen
7:00 PM Frozen
8:00 PM Girl from the North Country
8:00 PM Girl from the North Country
7:00 PM P Grand Horizons
7:00 PM Jagged Little Pill
7:00 PM Mean Girls
7:00 PM P The Inheritance
2:00 PM The Phantom of the Opera
8:00 PM The Phantom of the Opera
7:00 PM P To Kill a Mockingbird

OffBroadway Shows:
7:30 PM P 72 Miles To Go
8:00 PM P A Sign Of The Times
8:00 PM Blue Man Group
7:00 PM P Blues For An Alabama Sky
7:30 PM P Chekhov/Tolstoy:Love Stories
8:00 PM P Dana H.
7:30 PM P Drunk Shakespeare
8:00 PM Emojiland The Musical
7:00 PM P Frankenstein
2:00 PM Gazillion Bubble Show
4:30 PM Gazillion Bubble Show
9:00 PM P Happy Birthday Doug
7:30 PM P Harry Townsend's Last Stand
2:30 PM P Harry Townsend's Last Stand
7:00 PM Jersey Boys
7:00 PM Jersey Boys
8:00 PM P Katsura Sunshine's Rakugo
8:00 PM P Miss America's Ugly Daughter
8:00 PM Rock of Ages
8:00 PM Stomp
7:00 PM The Little Match Girl
7:30 PM The Office ! A Musical Parody
7:00 PM P The Play That Goes Wrong
8:00 PM P The Spirited History of Drinking:The Imbible
7:00 PM P We're Gonna Die

P = These shows are also available at the Play Only window.
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