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Let's Talk about The Flick Like We Do at the Bar

Date: Aug 11, 2015
Welcome to the first episode of Pour Me Another, a web series created by TDF and Samuel French that talks about theatre like we do at the bar.

To read a companion essay about The Flick, the play discussed in the video, just go here. To lean how the star of the Off Broadway production creates his complicated character, go here.

Our first conversation features Mark Blankenship (editor of TDF Stages) and Ben Coleman (literary supervisor at Samuel French). Over glasses of fine pink wine, the gents discuss Annie Baker's Pulitzer Prize-winning drama The Flick. What makes the play tick? Why does it stick in the brain? What does it have to say about being a wage-earning American in 2015? This episode digs into those questions... and ends with a lively movie trivia game.

To join the conversation, just tweet with the hashtag #PourMeAnotherSeries. You can find your hosts @TDFNYC and @ MrSamuelFrench