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WATCH: A 'Mind Mangler' TDF Conversation

Date: Dec 13, 2023

How the cowriters and costars of this two-man romp find the funny in this 'Night of Tragic Illusion'

Henry Lewis and Jonathan Sayer love when things go wrong on stage. That's because they're two of the cofounders of Mischief Theatre, the British troupe behind The Play That Goes Wrong, Peter Pan Goes Wrong and other laugh-out-loud disasters. Their brand-new two-hander, Mind Mangler: A Night of Tragic Illusion, centers on a struggling mentalist who's a mess on stage and off. His inept helper only makes matters worse. We brought Lewis and Sayer together for a chat about their comedic collaboration, their most outrageous audience interactions and genuine theatrical mishaps. If you weren't able to tune in live you can watch a recording below. Captions are available.

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