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WATCH: Meet the Cast of 'The Shark Is Broken' on Broadway

By: Elyse Orecchio
Date: Aug 17, 2023

Ian Shaw, Alex Brightman and Colin Donnell on playing the over-the-top stars of Jaws


Everyone knows the story of Jaws... but what about the behind-the-scenes drama of Steven Spielberg's blockbuster movie? The new Broadway comedy The Shark Is Broken imagines what happened on board the boat when the cameras weren't rolling as the three leads, Robert Shaw, Richard Dreyfuss and Roy Scheider, bickered, bonded and binge drank. What was it like portraying these acting icons? We chatted with The Shark Is Broken star and co-writer Ian Shaw, who plays his irascible father Robert, two-time Tony nominee Alex Brightman, who channels the neurotic Dreyfuss and Colin Donnell, who plays peacemaker Scheider.


Who would you want to be stuck on a boat with? The company and opening night VIPs sound off:

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Top image: The cast of The Shark Is Broken. Photo by Matthew Murphy.

Elyse Orecchio is TDF's Digital Content Manager. Follow her on Instagram at @elyseo. Follow TDF on Instagram at @TDFNYC.