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The Encounter

First Preview: Jun 22, 2016

Opening Date: Sep 20, 2016

Closing Date: Jan 08, 2017

Running Time: 02:00

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Playing @

John Golden Theatre

252 W 45th St New York, NY 10036

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Get ready for a truly original, utterly astonishing night of theater.

Once you take your seat, your senses will be engaged in new and breathtaking ways as Simon McBurney leads you deep into the Amazon rainforest. Inspired by real events, The Encounter follows a National Geographic photographer as he finds himself lost in a remote area of Brazil. Through innovative aural technology and brilliant storytelling, this is a heart-stopping, riveting and slyly witty night of theater… and an encounter you’ll never forget. 

Conceived, directed & performed by Simon McBurney 

Inspired by Petru Popescu’s novel “Amazon Beaming,” 

Age Guidance

Age Guidance: 13

Show Notes

Show Notes: No Intermission

Audience Advisory:

NOTICE FOR HEARING IMPAIRED CUSTOMERS: The Encounter is a sound-heavy show. We have a number of ways of supporting audience members with hearing impairment. If you use a hearing aid, please bring along your direct input cable for use during the performance and make yourself known at Box Office upon arrival so that our technicians can talk you through how best to experience the show. If you don’t have a direct input cable make yourself known to the House Manager and we will adapt the equipment and headphones accordingly. Please Note: Richard Katz will perform at some performances: Please check website

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Full-price tickets

$89 - $155

Lottery & Rush

$40 - student tickets both at the box office and in advance. Student Rush tickets may be purchased with cash only. They are available on the day of performance when the box office opens, and advance tickets will be available online. Two tickets will be available per valid student ID, subject to availability.



Quotation Mark

Your passport is the set of earphones that you’ll find attached to your seat.Sounds hokey, doesn’t it, like 3-D glasses or one of those gimmicks that the moviemaker William Castle touted in the 1950s, using names like Percepto and Illusion-O. The earphones you’ve been issued don’t even look particularly sophisticated.But almost as soon as you put them on, your sense of time and space is altered. Mr. McBurney suddenly seems to be standing right next to you, whispering and (oh, wow!) blowing into your ear. Then he’s over there, behind you, and there, in front of you, and then practically sitting in your lap. Yet your eyes tell you that he’s never left the stage. Maybe you shouldn’t trust your eyes.

---New York Times

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Closing one’s eyes in the theater can be a sign of boredom or exhaustion. But shutting the peepers at Simon McBurney’s utterly transfixing mind-tickler The Encounter is a valid expression of rapture. You wear headphones which transmit binaural (“3D”) sound, as McBurney moves around the stage rattling props and speaking over a dense layer of prerecorded voices and FX. If you enjoy radio drama, audiobooks or simply having your senses suffused by intense sonic stimulation, then lean back and let the lids drop.

---TimeOut NY

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Simon McBurney is an extraordinary mix of actor, auteur and anthropologist. If the work of Complicite, which he co-founded, has been characterised by a fascination with other cultures, this show offers the most extreme example yet. Inspired by Petru Popescu’s Amazon Beaming, which recounts the experiences of an American photographer, Loren McIntyre, in the Brazilian rainforest, it raises any number of philosophical questions.

----The Guardian (UK)

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Wheelchair Info

Four ADA compliant viewing locations with companion seating. Transfer optional.


Orchestra on ground level. Lower lounge, front and rear mezzanine reached only by stairs.


There are no elevators or escalators at this theatre.


Valet parking lot: North side of street between Broadway & 8th Ave. Vans enter on 46th St. Valet parking garage: South side of 45th St.(east of Shubert Alley) between Broadway & 8th Ave. No vans.

Curb Ramps

(2.5" lip) SW corner of 45th St. & Broadway; NW corner 45th St. & Broadway.


Double doors in series: 1st set (each 28.5") has one pair of automatic doors from 45th St. to Ticket Lobby with push-button control, incline up to 2nd set (each 28", attended by ushers) to Orchestra.

Box Office

Ticket lobby. Counters 43". Accessible pass-through with writing shelf at 32". Assistance available.


Womens and Mens: Lower lounge. Down nineteen steps with continuous handrails. Wheelchair accessible restroom off premises. Assistance available.

Water Fountain

Lower lounge, in restrooms.


Lower lounge. Coin slot at 54". Cord 29". Volume control. TTY, shelf and electric outlet.

Assisted Listening System

Reservations are not necessary. Drivers license or ID with printed address required as a deposit. Please call: (212) 582-7678 to reserve in advance.

Folding Armrests

Nine row-end seats with folding armrests.

Directions Subway

1, 2, 3, 7, S, N, R, W, Q, A, C, E to 42nd St/Times Square.

Directions Bus

Take the M7, M20, or M104 bus.

Visual Assistance

Low vision seats available for purchase in person, online, or over the phone.

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1, 2, 3, 7, S, N, R, W, Q, A, C, E to 42nd St/Times Square.

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