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Lewiston - Clarkston

First Preview: Oct 10, 2018

Opening Date: Oct 10, 2018

Closing Date: Dec 16, 2018

Running Time: 03:30

Lewiston - Clarkston Show Site Icon

Playing @

Rattlestick Theater

224 Waverly Place New York, NY 10014

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The performance includes two plays that are separated by a communal meal. Where a traditional evening-length work might be separated by an intermission, we will instead enjoy a meal together. We ask that you stay in the theater for all three events: the first play, the meal, and the second play.

LEWISTON is a play fundamentally about the past. An aging descendant of Meriwether Lewis has been selling off her family’s land piece by piece for years, becoming increasingly convinced that her family’s past is less of a legacy and more of a curse. But when an unexpected visitor blasts into her life, she’s forced to consider if there’s anything good left in the world at all.

CLARKSTON is a play fundamentally about the future. A young descendant of William Clark has made the journey out west from his home in Connecticut, desperate to find meaning in his own history. But when he finds a landscape dotted with small, struggling towns and big box stores, faith in his future—and indeed the future of the entire country—starts to feel misplaced
Age Guidance

Age Guidance: 16

Show Notes

Show Notes: 1 Intermission

Audience Advisory:

ABOUT THE COMMUNAL MEAL - the meals being served are intentionally modeled after the foods that the characters you are meeting on stage would be apt to eat. We hope that your connection to and understanding of their plight and perspective is deepened as a result, and that you come away with new connections to those you are sharing this experience with. We thank our partner Ready To Eat Rattlestick is not an ADA-compliant venue. However, we do our best to accommodate any and all patrons. Please call us at 212-627-2556


Davis McCallum

Written by

Samuel D. Hunter

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$76 - $108



Box Office

The Box office is on the second floor.

Curb Ramps


Directions Bus

M8, M10, M11, M14


Located on the stage, and are inaccessible during the performance.

Directions Subway

1 to Christopher. Walk north on 7th Ave South, then northwest on Waverly Place to the theatre.


seats 95.






Building entrance is street level, but there is a long flight of stairs that leads up to the theatre.

Visual Assistance


Folding Armrests


Water Fountain


Assisted Listening System


Wheelchair Info

There is removable seating.

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Public Transportation

Subway Icon

By Subway:

1 to Christopher. Walk north on 7th Ave South, then northwest on Waverly Place to the theatre.

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By Bus:

M8, M10, M11, M14