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When Your Soulmate Dies

Opening Date: Mar 25, 2023

Closing Date: Jun 24, 2023

Running Time: 01:15

When Your Soulmate Dies Show Site Icon

Playing @

Alchemical Theatre

50 West 17th Street 12th Floor New York City, NY 10011

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Following the death of Steve Epstein’s beloved Naimah Hassan last October and written together by the comedy duo in her final days, When Your Soulmate Dies brings a poignant yet comedic new chapter to the legendary wisdom, compassion and humor of ‘The Black and the Jew’ and a culmination of their ‘BlackJewLove’ themes on race, class and sexuality. Now with a touch of grieving, Epstein (with Hassan by video) gets personal in a heartfelt and funny hour of their classic comedy and socio-political commentary.

The final year of Hassan’s life spent in nursing homes and hospitals underscored the mistreatment of Black women, highlighting the historic racism by the healthcare industry toward this marginalized group, among all others. After 40 years of marriage and as partners in comedy and social justice initiatives, When Your Soulmate Dies is meant to punch and inspire, while bringing levity to a serious subject.
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Show Notes: No intermission

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