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In the Throes of Death

Opening Date: Jun 19, 2024

Closing Date: Jun 30, 2024

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Playing @

the cell

338 W. 23rd St. New York, NY 10011

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Join the Curiosity Cabinet to be transported as a live studio audience member in an immersive installation of foley sounds, live underscoring with a chamber ensemble, ON AIR lights and so much more. Grab some popcorn, sit back in your seat and enjoy the live broadcast of stories of timeless themes of illness and innocence, death and delusion, mystery and madness throughout the last century. In the Throes of Death—there are three unique pairings of double-features:

Home & The Mysterious Affair at Styles
June 19-21
Home, an adaptation of Charlotte Perkin’s Gilman essay during the tuberculosis crisis (2020) with The Mysterious Affair at Styles, based on the novel that launched Agatha Christie’s renowned detective Hercule Poirot and classic murder mystery set in the backdrop of post-World War I Europe (2024).

Axeman & The Dead West
June 24 & 25

Axeman, the tale of a New Orleans axe-murder during the Spanish Flu (2021) with The Dead West, a story that intertwines the eerie suspense of a supernatural thriller with a desolate winter in the recently-old west (2024).

Paper Daughter & The Strange Library
June 28-30

Paper Daughter; the history of racial hate alongside the bubonic plague outbreak in turn of the century San Francisco's Chinatown (2022) with The Strange Library, an enthralling setting of the Haruki Murakami novel exploring the moody and mysterious depictions of a child’s darkest dream (2024)

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