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Kara & Emma & Barbara & Miranda

Opening Date: Aug 02, 2024

Closing Date: Aug 17, 2024

Running Time: 01:30

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Playing @

The Tank

312 W 36th St. New York, NY 10018

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Playwright Ariel Stess, known for her wildly unique plays that captivate and disturb, brings a new dramedy to The Tank that intertwines the lives of four women from different generations and social strata in New Mexico. Kara wakes up to find her husband and children missing. Twenty-year-old Emma runs away with a married man. Barbara’s ex-lover breaks into her home in the middle of the night. And the pipes in Miranda’s house burst. 

Through a tapestry of internal monologues, Kara & Emma & Barbara & Miranda follows the journey of four women whose major life crises collide on Christmas Eve, leading them to accidentally help each other find a way out.

Kara & Emma & Barbara & Miranda is a participant in New GeorgesIn Collaboration program, an artist service program and active partnership with artists in which New Georges helps steward artist-driven independent productions of new works they love. 
Show Notes

Show Notes: No intermission

Performance Schedule:


Added performance August 4 @ 7 PM


Kallan Dana
Megan Emery Gaffney
Paul Ketchum
Zoë Geltman
Colleen Werthmann


Meghan Finn

Written by

Ariel Stess

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