Create New York

Building Community through the Arts
Create New York (CNY) a multi-year partnership program between TDF and community centers engages three separate groups of adults from community centers, one in each New York City borough, and uses theatre and dance as a way to promote change in oneself, one’s neighborhood, and, ultimately, one’s city. 

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Every group will complete a 3-year cycle with increasing autonomy every year. Each year, participants will democratically select performing arts events whose themes, aesthetics, or artists directly relate back to their shared interests and vision for their community. Over post-meal discussions the groups discuss their experience and its relevance. Together we aspire to increase cultural participation in live performance through the development of community ambassadors and cultural architects who, by serving as leaders and influencers, will create sustainable audiences for dance and theatre throughout New York City. At each year’s end, participants create a community-based project inspired by their cultural experiences that benefits their neighborhood at large.

Watch highlights from our first community-based project, H.E.R.S. (Healing Evolving Resolving Self) A Night of Empowerment:

Video by Tyler Milliron-

Vendors at HERS:

The Wright Family-Berley's Skincare

Jen Schwartz-The Essential Hustle

Michelle Bedford- Raf Crafts

Candice Similton-Candice's Food for the Soul

Celeste Beatty-Harlem Brewing Company  |

Performers at HERS:

Mariposa (María Teresa Fernández) NYC Poet

Roseangelica Lopez-NYC Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Issac Sawyer-Sketch Artist/Singer/Songwriter/DJ  

Lakita P. Jackson “Kita P.”- Singer/Songwriter/Musician

FAT GIRLS DANCE-A dance squad that is a relentless fem-led online movement towards body positivity and self-love through the celebration of dance.

Workshop Leaders at HERS:

Women + Sexuality + Breath
workshop led by Kathleen Booker-Breath work Expert  

Women + Wellness
workshop led by Stacey Berman- CEO of The System by Stacey

Self-Love & Self Image
workshop led by Natasha Leath-A Motivational Spiritualist


Browse a full list of HERS vendors and local businesses dedicated to female empowerment 


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