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Days of the Dead Festival 2023

Opening Date: Oct 20, 2023

Closing Date: Nov 02, 2023

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Celebrate Día de los Muertos and Halloween with FRIGID New York at the 2nd Annual Days of the Dead Festival produced by Something From Abroad and curated by FRIGID New York co-Artistic Director Martha Lorena Preve.

A celebration of life and death, Days of the Dead is a festival inspired by the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos. During this time of year the dead return to earth to spend time with their families and enjoy their favorite things. It can be cheerful, sad, nostalgic, ritualistic and mysterious. It's all about the family and the community. The festival will be offering shows that have death and the afterlife as a theme or that celebrate the spooky season. We invite everyone regardless of their cultural background or religious beliefs to celebrate together! 

Cabaret: A Night With the Dead
October 20 @ 7 PM at The Kraine
This production is a celebration of the Mexican Holiday Day of the Dead and brings together traditions, poetry, stories and music in a variety show form. The stage will feature a traditional “ofrenda” or “altar”. The performances will consist of a group of artists dedicating their art form to a loved one that has passed away. Each artist will share a little information about their loved one and will add their photo and an object that represents something they loved to the “ofrenda.” 

Alise Morales: The Girl Who Lived
Written & Performed by Alise Morales
October 21 @ 3 PM & October 25 @ 9:45 PM at UNDER St. Marks 

Written and starring comedian Alise Morales (Betches, Tooning Out The News, Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, CBS Showcase 2023), The Girl Who Lived is a dynamic new solo show that uses personal storytelling, offbeat characters and even stop motion animation to delve deep into Morales' love of the wizarding world and the emotional turmoil that has come with its creator's fall from grace. From a devoted, fanfiction-writing member of the fandom to reluctant Harry Potter adult, Morales hilariously chronicles how her love for the series has evolved over the years and unpacks how we react when heroes disappoint us. With a live sorting ceremony (Morales is a professional) to appearances from the wizarding world's most beloved characters (played by some of your NYC comedy favorites) this show is a love letter to millennial cringe in all its forms. And before you ask: yes, she's a Gryffindor. 

Here, Between and Beyond: An evening of haunting one acts
Written by Eugene Grygo, Holly Hepp-Galvan, Judd Silverman, Donna Latham, Orlando Rodriguez & Michael Hagins
Presented by Rising Sun Performances Company
October 21 @ 7 PM & October 23 @ 9:30 PM at The Kraine
An anthology evening of 6 haunting one act plays, featuring writers, directors and playwrights from the award winning Rising Sun Performance Company. This night of one acts presents 6 new plays all with themes of crossing over or communicating with those who already have. 

Mi Ofrenda, mis canciones: Florencia Cuenca y Jaime Lozano in concert
October 22 @ 8 PM at The Kraine 
Jaime is a director, composer, arranger, orchestrator and vocal coach, who Lin-Manuel Miranda calls Broadway’s “Next big thing.” Florencia is a singer, actress and songwriter from Mexico, awarded with the Hot House Jazz Award 2016 for Best new Jazz Artist. She has toured all around Mexico, Latin America and New York City. This Mexican husband and wife duo are the headliners of the festival and will be presenting a magical night of music and song. 

Presented by First Flight Theatre Company
Written by Richard Width, adapted from Bram Stoker's Dracula
October 23 @ 6:30 PM, October 25 @ 8:15 PM & November 2 @ 9:45 PM at UNDER St. Marks
A lecture hall at a prestigious London Society gathering. A woman carrying a large, well-organized folio filled with papers enters from the rear of the theater. She is Mina, and she has a story to tell about someone she knew, the vampire Dracula. Reilly Hacker plays the title character and a few others in this solo play entitled Mina that tells Dracula’s story through Mina's eyes. Adapted by Richard Width and directed by Karen Eterovich.

Sins and Stardust Burlesque: Into the Night
October 23 @ 7 PM at The Kraine
Sins and Stardust: Into the Night
is a burlesque production blending the allure of moonlit, starry themes with the macabre elements of death and the supernatural. Audiences will encounter a haunting fusion of breathtaking burlesque performances that delve into the shadowy realms of the undead. The show is a compelling intersection of beauty, death and the mysteries that nighttime holds.

Take it Away, Cheryl
Written by Kait Warner
Presented by Telepathetic Entertainment
October 23 @ 9:45 PM at UNDER St. Marks

Welcome to Cheryl's County Fair Kissing Booth. Cheryl is equipped to deal with just about anything... and good thing, because people have stopped coming for kisses and started coming to tell her about some pretty heavy problems. When Cheryl makes a simple mistake with catastrophic consequences, she must go to hell and back to save those she loves once and for all. Take it Away, Cheryl debuted at the 2022 Edinburgh Fringe Festival to rave reviews from The Scotsman, Broadway World Scotland and more: “First-rate hilarity… A pocket-sized wonder.” “A hell of a ride, and well worth taking.” “Well-crafted weird theatre, strange, glittering and curious.” "You can't help but root for Cheryl, and in doing so, you also root for yourself.” 

Paper Kraine
October 25 @ 7:30 PM at The Kraine

FRIGID New York resident Paper Kraine is dedicated to showing the work of emerging artists in various stages of development to both gather feedback about the work and further connections within our artistic community in a conscious, intentional way. The show will feature plays in theme with the festival. 

Brokeneck Girls: The Murder Ballad Musical! 
Written by Eve Blackwater
October 26 @ 7 PM, October 27 @ 7 PM & October 30 @ 7 PM at The Kraine

The Murder Ballad Musical is a comedy based on the celebrated violence in folk music and the true crimes that inspired these songs. The social commentary delivers fast-paced, uproarious laughter while addressing issues of race, class, gender, violence and power. Revenge, redemption, free will and the conflict between good and evil unfold unexpectedly in a story focused on three women who bond over music and begin to share increasingly outrageous secrets. Eventually the truth comes out—that the desire to survive has driven all of them to become what they fear most. The score, performed by the folk noir band Brokeneck Girls, features songs of murder, mayhem and dirty deeds spiced up with juicy gossip and facts about the real people and events in the songs. Loyalty, murder, quick wit, banjo jokes show a hidden side of history and make for a thoroughly entertaining evening.

Medium Popcorn: Halloween Edition
Presented by Casa de Collins LLC
October 27 @ 10:30 PM at UNDER St. Marks
Medium Popcorn will host a Halloween-themed live show for their Rotten Tomatoes accredited movie review podcast Medium Popcorn. They will review a horror-themed film in the same vein of Candyman, The People Under the Stairs or Tales from the Crypt and provide hilarious commentary alongside 1-2 special guests. Past guests on the show include Josh Gondelman, Roy Wood Jr., Ophira Eisenberg and Ashley Ray.

Odyssey and the Flowers of the Sun
Written by Miguel Loyola
Presented by El Centauro Mecánico
October 28 @ 5 PM, October 29 @ 5 PM, November 1 @ 8 PM & November 2 @ 7 PM at The Kraine
Odyssey loses her mother during a war in Ithaca. Tiresias, the blind Prophet, tells him that he has to go to a faraway land to look for some flowers that are the color of the sun. An epic adventure in which Odyssey travels overseas to the Mountains of Mexico, where she learns about the tradition of the Day of the Death and finds out about her future life.

The Vole Sisters Invite You to a Peculiar & Intimate Evening of Mystic Spiritualism
Presented by Double D
October 30 @ 6:30 PM & October 31 @ 7 PM at UNDER St. Marks
In this mostly improvised, partly scripted show, improvisers Double D (Nannette Deasy and Graceann Dorse) portray Fatima and Elsbeth Vole, the 21st century’s most bona fide psychic mediums who can absolutely, without any doubt, talk to ghosts. Using audience suggestions to get the names of the dearly departed, Fatima and Elsbeth communicate with the spirits and answer the audience’s burning questions about the afterlife. But is it all just a hoax? Or will they be visited by some real spirits who have something to say? You don’t have to be psychic to know the answer… no matter what happens, you’ll be laughing to death!

Double Bill
October 30 @ 8:15 PM & November 1 @ 9:45 PM at UNDER St. Marks
The Great New England Vampire Panic
Written by Zed Hope Simon
A new play about an old story, based on true events, a short and spooky examination of who we call monsters, and what monster hunting may do to us. (Loosely based on the real Mercy Brown, who died of tuberculosis like lots of people in the 19th century, but who was thought to be a vampire, like lots of women in New England in the 19th century.)
A Disaster with a Cut Dad Bod
Written by Stephanie Okun
On a bright, Halloween day, two down-and-out souls are united by a kind stranger to drag themselves out of their own misery and away from the so-called loved ones who haunt their lives. The play explores gaslighting, the impacts of verbal abuse and finding hope through empathy, friendship and love. Halloween is the bizarre backdrop, which conveys the Twilight Zone-esque absurdity that epitomizes many toxic relationships.

Nell's Plague Play
Written by Jodie Lynne McClintock
November 1 @ 5:30 PM at The Kraine
Nell’s Plague Play
takes place on Samhain/La na Marbh/All Souls Day (when the veil between worlds thins) November 1, 1616. This one woman play tells the story of the imagined elderly wardrobe mistress for Shakespeare’s company The King’s Men in seclusion during the plague year (and year of Shakespeare’s death), 1616. Told from the sole female perspective in a world ruled by men, the play explores how creatures of the theatre (an inherently shared, communal experience) survive alone in pandemic isolation when they are exiled from the act. In flashback, it also delves into the traditional roles of mothers and fathers, the power plays between men and women, kings and queens—real and imagined—and the unspoken sisterhood between princess and peasant. An Elizabethan/Jacobean Feminist Play-of-Sorts. Using magical realism and ritual, we straddle time and place, memory and current necessity, the quick and the dead, legacy and loss, in a journey to regain faith when it feels like all one loves has been taken away. None too different from the actor’s dilemma in 2020/1 or a woman’s now in 2023!

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