TDF Costume Collection

Providing Costumes for Not-For-Profit Theatre and More.
From a medieval suit of armor to a 1950s poodle skirt to modern cocktail attire — as well as everything in between. It can all be found in one place: the TDF Costume Collection.

Designed to help dress up the stages of not-for-profit and small-scale theatrical performances, the Costume Collection houses over 80,000 costumes and accessories donated from Broadway, Off Broadway, Opera, Film, and regional productions. And they’re all available to rent for your next performance.

The TDF Costume Collection was founded to help every production look like a masterpiece—no matter its budget.
Victoria Bailey“We are making it possible for schools, regional theatres, and operas to raise their production value,” says Victoria Bailey, TDF Executive Director. “As a service organization, it’s something you do for the field.”
But schools, colleges, and charitable organizations aren’t the only ones who can take advantage of this incredible variety of costumes. Any theatrical group, opera, TV show, photo shoot, or film company can rent from the Costume Collection. In fact, television shows such as “Saturday Night Live” and "The Today Show", as well as many motion picture productions, regularly visit the Costume Collection.

Conveniently located within New York’s historic Kaufman Astoria Studios, the TDF Costume Collection sprawls over 16,000 square feet on the seven-building campus where numerous films and television shows are produced.

TDF Costume Collection invites you to come in and pull all the costumes you need for your next theatrical performance. If you don’t live in New York City or are unable to visit the Costume Collection in person, our expert design team can pull and ship your costumes to you. For more information about this service, please visit our Pulling / Mail Order Service page.

Donating Costumes

Donated costumes are the reason the Costume Collection is able to provide not-for-profit organizations with wardrobe for their productions. If you’d like to help TDF continue their mission, please consider donating your costumes or vintage clothing items. All donations are tax-deductible. To arrange a donation or for more information email the TDF Costume Collection or call (212) 989-5855.