All You Need To Know To Join TAP

How do I become a member of TDF Accessibility Programs (TAP)?
You can apply online at http://home.tdf.org/TAP/Email/index.html 

If you prefer to apply by mail, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:
520 8th Ave., Suite 801
New York, NY 10018-5652
ATTN: Application

If I am already on TDF's regular membership list, can I also join TAP?
No, you can only be a member of TAP OR REGULAR TDF-NOT BOTH!  If you are a member of our general TDF membership program and would like to switch over to TAP, please send an email to tap@tdf.org indicating that you would like to change your membership. You will need to include your TDF membership ID# and fax or mail proof of your disability.

What if my spouse/partner is a member of the general TDF membership program?
If there is someone in your household who qualifies for general TDF membership they can have a separate account, even though the mailing address is the same. For e-correspondence though there will need to be separate email addresses. Please remember that any tickets ordered through general TDF membership are always offered for seating anywhere in the theatre and we do not know in advance what seat locations we will receive for any given performance.  As a result general TDF membership cannot honor any requests for special seating.  Therefore, if you plan to attend the theatre with your spouse/partner, we suggest that you order tickets through your TAP account.  

What kind of proof would I need to supply to become a member of TAP? 
The preferable proof of disability is a doctor's note; however, a copy of an Access-A-Ride Pass or the results of a medical test (i.e. hearing/vision) are also acceptable.

If I apply online, when do I supply proof of disability?
You have 30 days from the day you apply online to send your proof of disability.

What if my medical condition changes?
If your condition changes (i.e. you now require an aisle seat rather than general orchestra seating) please call the TAP office at 212-912-9770 ext. 381 or email us at tap@tdf.org.  When emailing, please include your TAP customer ID#.

Is there an annual fee for TAP? 
NO, currently there is no annual fee for this service.  However, a fee may be instituted in the future.

How many tickets can I order through the TAP program?
You can order up to NINE (9) tickets per performance unless otherwise stated.

Will my seats always be in the orchestra if I order through TAP?
YES, Orchestra Seating is guaranteed for all performances.

Are TAP tickets more expensive than those sold through TDF's general membership?
YES, the tickets are more expensive because TAP guarantees an orchestra seat.  The cost of the tickets will be approximately 50% of the box office price.

Is there a handling fee for TAP?
YES, there is a $4.00 handling fee per order, per show (NOT PER TICKET).  So, for example, if you ordered five (5) tickets for The Phantom of the Opera, you would add $4.00 to the total cost of the ticket order.

If something happens and I cannot attend a performance, would I be entitled to a refund or allowed to go to another performance?
All tickets through TAP are NON-REFUNDABLE unless a performance does not go on.  However, in some cases, you may be able to "past-date" your tickets for another performance by contacting the number on the back of your tickets (usually Ticketmaster or Telecharge).

How will I receive information for upcoming shows?
A monthly email will be sent giving pertinent information on upcoming shows.  You can also request to have a brochure mailed to you. 

Members who are hard of hearing or Deaf will also receive an offer for Open Captioned and Sign Language Interpreted performances approximately every three months through the regular mail and via email.  Sometimes, additional ticket offers for Open Captioned and Sign Language Interpreted shows are sent out via email only.

Once I send in my ticket request form, when can I expect to receive my tickets in the mail?
You should receive your tickets AT LEAST ONE (1) WEEK PRIOR TO THE PERFORMANCE DATE.  If you do not receive your tickets by that time, please call the TAP Office at (212) 912-9770 ext. 381 for assistance.

If I give performance date options, how do I know what date my tickets will be for?
TAP always does its best to fill a customer's first choice but you will not know for sure what date has been filled until you get your tickets in the mail. 

What if the performance(s) I request are sold out?
If your order cannot be filled, TAP will return your check.  TAP will never partially fill an order.  For example, if you send in a check for 4 tickets and only 2 tickets are available, your check and order will be returned to you.

What if my tickets are lost in the mail or I misplace them?
TAP keeps a record of all seat locations. If your tickets are lost, please call (212) 912-9770 ext. 381 A.S.A.P.  We will then fax or email you a "lost ticket form".  You will then take the "Lost Ticket Form" with you to the box office on the day of the performance.

Can I order tickets online?
To order online from your computer:
        o  Go to the TDF website at www.tdf.org.
        o  Click on "TDF Member Login" (top right).
        o  Put in your email address where indicated.
        o  Add your password.  Your default password is your 7-digit customer ID #.
        o  Click "log in" and the page will open up to your current listing of shows.
        o  Click on the title of the show you wish to purchase and follow ordering instructions.
        o  You will get an immediate confirmation of your purchase, if tickets are available.

I can't login. What is the problem?
Your email might not be registered with TAP or your account may be inactive. If you are having trouble please email tap@tdf.org for further assistance.

I have not been getting offers in the mail.  Why?
TAP recently updated the mailing list so if you have not ordered tickets in the past 2 years, your account may be inactive. To get back on the mailing list, please email tap@tdf.org  and include your member I.D. # if you have it.  If you do not have your I.D. # please include the complete name the membership was under, along with your current mailing address. 

What are TAP's business hours?
MONDAY - FRIDAY, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

How can I contact TAP?
VOICE PHONE: (212) 912-9770 ext. 381
Email: tap@tdf.org
Fax: (212) 768-1563 ATTN: TAP
520 8th Ave., Suite 801
New York, NY 10018